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Hire an Olly Murs Tribute Act

Hire an Olly Murs tribute act  


Hire an Olly Murs tribute act   from UK Live Entertainment, and you can be sure that you will be hiring a professional and experienced tribute artist.


Every Olly Murs tribute act has been tried and tested and has a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage.


Enjoy browsing our roster of Olly Murs tribute act choices. 


Hire an Olly Murs tribute act  


Check out our tribute acts for hire now!

Our Olly Murs Tribute Acts are all excellent and well seasoned performers and have all earned the right to call themselves Olly Murs tributes and impersonators, through their hard work, and their dedication to producing their excellent shows, and in perfecting their performances to emulate Olly's own live cheeky-chappy performance style, as closely as is possible.

With great sound-alike vocals, great stage presence and overall good Olly Murs impersonations, achieved through authentic stage-wear and production, our acts sail through the Olly Murs song catalogue, one song after another, and ensure that they sing all of the songs that you would want, and expect to hear, at a real Olly Murs concert!

Available to perform their shows with their excellent quality professional backing tracks, some of our acts are also able to support shows with their own live bands for the full Olly Murs show production experience.

No matter which show format you choose to select, all of the Olly Murs vocals will always be performed 100% live.


Olly Murs Tribute Act - Song Repertoire:

All of our acts will include a good selection of Olly Murs best and most popular song into their stage show performances, and you are likely to hear their renditions of some of these brilliant songs being sung:


  • Troublemaker
  • You Don't Know Love
  • Up
  • Dance With Me Tonight
  • Dear Darlin'
  • Heart Skips A Beat
  • Wrapped Up
  • Kiss Me
  • Right Place Right Time
  • Amy of Two
  • Beautiful to Me
  • Grow Up
  • Oh My Goodness
  • Thinking of Me
  • Please Don't Let Me Go
  • Hand on Heart
  • Seasons
  • Stevie Knows
  • Heart on My Sleeve
  • This Song is About You
  • Back Around
  • Never Been Better
  • And many other great songs too!

Any special Olly Murs song choices can usually be added to our tribute act's performance sets if requested in advance.

Our acts are always adding the latest songs as they are released by Olly Murs, in order to keep their shows tip-top and completely up to date.

All of our tribute acts are able to supply their own sound and lighting equipment, and their own equipment is usually sufficient and suitable for average sized venues.

Most of our acts had pursued careers as singers and entertainers before they started their tribute shows, so they had already accumulated live show experience as professional singers and entertainers and have been able to use all of their previously acquired stage experience to craft fabulous Olly Murs tribute shows, which are now in high demand.

All of our acts are kept busy with their tribute show demands and are continually invited to perform for all types of events, venues and parties right across the UK. They are also familiar with working their shows abroad too, and most have performed in many countries across mainland Europe and even further afield.

They can be seen performing their shows at live music venues, and clubs, colleges and universities, and at festivals, right the way up and down the country.

They are also regularly invited to perform onboard cruise ships for family audiences all around the world,  
and are also in demand to perform their tribute shows for private parties and at corporate style occasions and events.

No matter where they perform, they will always present a first-class show performance, and will leave your audience or guests shouting for more!


Hire an Olly Murs Tribute Act now!

Hire an Olly Murs tribute act for your party, venue, festival or event today from UK Live Entertainment, the UK's most trusted and reliable entertainment and tribute act agency.

You can talk to us straight away via our Instant-Chat-Message service and ask any questions you may have, or you can call us for free advice and help regarding choosing the right act for your occasion, we're always here and happy to help! 

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Hire an Olly Murs Tribute Act

Olly Murs Tribute Act wearing a denim trilby jacket, a white shirt, a trilby hat and a stud earring.

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