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Hire a Lady Gaga Tribute Act

Hire a Lady Gaga Tribute Act  


Hire a Lady Gaga tribute act  from UK Live Entertainment, and you can be sure that you will be hiring a professional and experienced tribute artist.


All our Lady Gaga tribute act shows have been tried and tested and have a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage.


Enjoy browsing our roster of Lady Gaga tribute act shows.


Hire a Lady Gaga tribute act  


We have the top 5 Lady Gaga Tribute Act performers available for hire for venues, festivals, parties and events!

Check out our Lady Gaga tribute impersonators and select your personal favourite! 


Professional Quality Tribute Acts

All of our Lady Gaga tributes are highly experienced, capable, and professional, quality entertainers, they have all had considerable live show theatrical performance experience, and are able to present fantastic shows to any size of audience, and at any type of venue or event, some of the acts have professional dancers which can be added to create a bigger on-stage show presentation if required.

Their Lady Gaga impressions have all been highly perfected into full-on and flawless tribute show performances.

With their amazing sound-alike voices, and look-alike images, together with their fantastic professional quality backing tracks, and their superb replica costumes, they create a fabulous illusion and perform brilliant, and highly entertaining shows packed full of the most popular Lady Gaga songs.

Their shows have all been finely produced and incorporate meticulous production and attention to detail, which helps to create the perfect Lady Gaga tribute show experience.

Our acts are all in great demand to perform their shows throughout the UK and abroad, and frequently visit venues and events throughout the country and continental Europe and further afield when requested, to perform their brilliant shows.

Lady Gaga Tribute Act - Song Repertoire

  • Bad Romance
  • Million Reasons
  • Poker Face
  • Perfect Illusion
  • Alejandro
  • Born the Way
  • Paparazzi
  • You and I
  • Telephone
  • Just Dance
  • The Edge of Glory
  • Love Game
  • Do What You Want
  • Til It Happens To You
  • Marry The Night
  • Love Game
  • Do What You Want
  • Til It Happens To You
  • Applause
  • John Wayne
  • A-YO
  • Monster
  • G.U.Y.
  • Speechless
  • Dance In The Dark
  • Americano
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • Boys, Boys, Boys
  • Venue

Our acts will perform a selection of Taylor Swifts most popular songs and you are certain to hear a selection of these songs in their acts: Our tribute entertainers are always keen to personalise their show performances at parties and special events, and will always be happy to include special song requests if requested in advance.

All of our acts are continually looking for ways to improve their show presentations, they all eagerly await new song releases from Lady Gaga, to add to their own song repertoires, additionally they constantly re-invest in their stage costumes, to ensure that they are right up to date, and wear the latest outfits to keep their acts in tip-top form.

UK Live Entertainment

The staff at UK Live Entertainment have extensive backgrounds in theatre, live entertainment, and events, and we maintain exclusive rosters of the best acts available. We have a very good reputation in the industry for the quality and overall standard of our bands and acts, and for supporting excellent customer service too.

We firmly think that good personal customer service is what our clients want and that it's the small things that matter, we, therefore, pay great attention to our customer's requirements and instructions, so that we provide exactly the right entertainment choices.

Our consultancy service is completely free for customers to use, and you can expect impartial and useful recommendations and advice.

In addition to tribute entertainers, we also support handpicked rosters of excellent bands in all music genres, and other general bands and entertainers for parties, functions, venues and events throughout the UK and abroad.

Live-Chat with us or telephone us today for free consultancy and advice regarding suitable entertainers and musicians for your party, venue or event, we're here to help and will be waiting for your call or message.

Hire a Lady Gaga Tribute Act

Always in demand to perform their shows both here in the UK and abroad, our Lady Gaga Tributes constantly travel and perform shows throughout continental Europe and further afield when requested.

At home in the UK, they are popular at live music venues, holiday centres, casinos, colleges, universities, and music festivals, and are also in demand to appear and perform at corporate and private parties and events.

Hire a Lady Gaga Tribute Act

Hire one of our Lady Gaga tribute act performers and you can rest assured that you will hire a top quality professional entertainer who will perform an amazing show and leave your audience in complete awe! Your booking and event will also be supported by one of Europe's most respected and reliable entertainment agencies.


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Hire a Lady Gaga Tribute Act

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