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Hire A Blondie Tribute Band

Hire a Blondie Tribute  


All of our tribute acts have been tried and tested and has a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage.


Enjoy browsing our roster of Blondie Tribute Bands. 




Hira A Blondie Tribute Band 

Their stage shows are packed with all of the uniqueness, and style, that is Debbie Harry and Blondie, and are filled with all of the stagecraft and presentation of a live Blondie stage show, complete with Debbie Harry sound-alike and look-alike front singers, and a band of excellent musicians, enhanced with their replica costumes, excellent production; and of course all of the brilliant Blondie hit songs, they recreate the excitement of a Blondie stage show to perfection.  


You could be forgiven for thinking you were watching the real Blondie band themselves!

Formed from a mutual love of 80s pop, new-wave, and punk music, our bands are all determined to present the best Blondie tribute band tribute performances they possibly can, and to replicate the music, image, styling, stagecraft, and production of Blondie's shows, to perfection.

They are all very busy and in-demand bands, and as well as their frequent live show performances, they continually rehearse their shows to keep them as tight, together, and authentic, as is possible.

Our Blondie tribute band shows and are in great demand to perform their tribute shows all over the country, throughout Europe, and elsewhere around the world, whenever they are invited to perform.

They have performed their Blondie tribute band shows together hundreds of times before, and have honed and fine-tuned their performances to absolute perfection.


Frequently seen performing their tribute shows at venues throughout the UK and abroad, they are very in-demand, and are regularly booked to appear at live music venues, festivals, theatres, hotels, and holidays parks, and are also frequently asked to perform for private clients; for birthday parties, anniversaries, and even weddings! Our Bands are available for hire anywhere and 



Hire Blondie Tribute Band

Our tribute bands work very hard to live up to the expectations of Blondiemusic lovers, and the heritage of the music itself, and they are constantly rehearsing and fine-tuning their tribute acts, perfecting every nuance, and re-defining their stagecraft, to be certain that they maintain their consistently high standards of musicianship, theatrical production, and presentation, and to be certain that they do the music complete justice.


They all really enjoy their work, and they clearly have great fun creating music together, and that is great for their audiences, who experience a fine-tuned and thoroughly entertaining show performance every time they perform.


Blondie Tribute Band - Debbie Harry Tribute Impersonator

Our bands authentically recreate all of the fabulous Blondie classic hits, with amazing and uncanny accuracy, and you will certainly hear some of these timeless classics being performed in their show performances.



Blondie Tribute Band - Song Repertoire:

  • Heart of Glass
  • Call Me
  • Rapture
  • Maria
  • One Way or Another
  • The Tide Is High
  • Atomic
  • Hanging on the Telephone
  • Dreaming
  • Sunday Girl
  • Picture This
  • In The Flesh
  • Union City Blue
  • Denis
  • X Offender
  • Rip Her to Shreds
  • The Hardest Part
  • Presence Dear
  • Good Boys
  • Island of our Souls
  • War Child
  • What I Heard
  • A Rose By Any Name
  • I'm Gonna Love You Too
  • Nothing is Real but the Girl
  • Sugar On the Side
  • No Exit
  • Fade Away and Radiate
  • Die Young Stay Pretty
  • Detroit 442
  • Shayla
  • Just Go Away

Our bands are always keen and happy to include specially requested Blondie songs into their show repertoires, let us know if you want them to perform a particular song for your event.


UK Live Entertainment

The agents at UK Live Entertainment maintain an exclusive roster of more than 500 excellent and professional tribute bands and acts, and book hundreds of tribute shows, bands, and acts for venues, parties, and events annually.

Additionally, we have an extensive roster of first-class and highly recommended bands suitable for parties, events, and weddings.

All of our entertainers are professional musicians, they are able to travel anywhere to perform their art, distance is no object at all.


Free Entertainment Consultancy

We proudly support our clients with our free-to-use entertainment consultancy and advice service and are always very happy to hear from and advise any customer who needs our assistance.

Don't hesitate to contact us via our Chat-Message facility or by telephone, were here to help!

The success of our client's event entertainment is our priority, and we'll provide you with all of the advice, guidance, and assistance you will need to make sure that your entertainment is 100% successful and enjoyed by your audience or guests.


Hire one of our Blondie Tribute Bands  Today!

Hire a Blondie Tribute Band   for your party, festival, venue or event today!


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Hire A Blondie Tribute Band

Blondie Tribute Band Performing Live

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